Tuesday, July 13, 2010


nikon FE

Maker: Nippon Kogaku K. K.
Type: 35mm film SLR
Lens mount: Nikon F lens mount
Focus: Manual focus
Exposure: manual
60/40 center-weighted
Flash: ISO standard Hot shoe
Frame rate: manually winded
Dimensions: 142 × 57.5 × 89.5 mm
Weight: 590 g (21 oz)
Made in: Japan

The Nikon FE is an advanced semi-professional level, interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. It was manufactured by Nikon in Japan from 1978 to 1983, and was available new from dealer stock until circa 1984. The FE uses a metal-bladed, vertical travel focal plane shutter with a speed range of 8 to 1/1000 second, plus Bulb, and flash X-sync of 1/125th second. It had dimensions of 89.5 millimetres (3.52 in) height, 142 mm (5.6 in) width, 57.5 mm (2.26 in) depth and 590 grams (21 oz) weight. It was available in two colors: black with chrome trim and all black. As on the FM, its model designation did not appear on the front of the camera, but was engraved as a small "FE" preceding the serial number on the rear of the housing.

The FE was the replacement for Nikon EL2 of 1977 and was a member of the classic Nikon compact F-series. It used a rugged copper aluminum alloy chassis developed from the one introduced in the Nikon FM in 1977, with minor external controls and cosmetic differences. The Nikon compact F-series SLRs were moderately priced, semi-professional level stablemates to the company's premium-priced, professional level Nikon F2 (1971) and F3 (1980) SLRs. They were all-new successors to the Nikkormat F and EL-series of amateur level SLRs. With their quality construction, impressive durability and evolutionary technical innovation, the F-series were very popular with professional photographers, who prized their durability and ability to operate in extreme environments.

fuhh...mmg sukar untuk diungkapkan.
nikon FE merupakan kamera nikon SLR 35mm pertama dalam sejarah hidup edoi.
amat sukar untuk melepaskannya kerana edoi sambut FE dengan penuh kasih sayang. mmg terbaik dari ladang dari aspek body nya yg 100% mint,
system function perfectly...masa beli tu edoi dapat sekali ngan lens micro nikkor 55mm F2.8 mf.
kini, antara lens tambahan yang ada dalam koleksi, nikkor 15mm F5.6 QD-C AI-S mf serial 33k++ dan lens nikkor 70-210mm F4 mf...

sebahagian aset yg indah untuk di kongsi bersama :)